Studio R3 

Architecture + Design

Studio R3 is a design studio in Venice, California, providing architectural, interior and landscape design services. Our goal is to create environments that will enhance the lifestyle of our clients while making a positive impact on the community and environment.

Each design is unique response to individual client and the building site. We take the various components of the project and creatively assemble them into form and space that meets our clients’ practical needs, aesthetic ideals, and values. Our designs incorporate sustainable and healthy building materials and energy efficient design strategies to create functional, inviting, and healthy environments. We strive to create a connection to nature, to highlight the experience of space, light and materials, and to promote a connection with oneself, family and friends.

We are involved in the project from the initial design meetings through the completion of construction, working to insure that all of our clients’ concerns and objectives are addressed. We advocate a collaborative design process with the client, the consultants and the contractor to ensure the best possible project and to make the process a creative and exciting endeavor.

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